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Our impact and reports

Throughout the year, various reports are issued to measure Scouting's performance and impact on its members and the communities they serve.

Throughout the year, Elstree and District Scouts issues key reports to assess our performance and impact on members and communities. These reports play a crucial role in evaluating our commitment to the Scouting movement’s core strategy, “Skills for Life,” which sets the direction for our members’ growth and experiences.


  • Annual Review and Impact Report: Issued shortly after the Annual General Meeting, this report provides a snapshot of our achievements and contributions over the past year. It outlines the impact of Scouting projects on our members and the communities we serve.
  • Adventure and Enrichment: We believe in challenging individuals through adventure, fostering personal growth, and enriching lives. With over 400,000 young participants and 100,000 dedicated adult volunteers engaging in Scouting activities weekly, we aim to provide the facilities, support, and necessary resources for everyone to participate safely.

Join us in celebrating the impact of Scouting in Elstree and District. Your support ensures that we continue to empower young minds and contribute positively to the communities we call home.

Annual Review

We believe that through adventure we challenge individuals so that they learn and experience new things and enrich their lives.  Each week our young people, supported by our amazing adult volunteers take part in Scouting projects and activities at the heart of the UK’s communities. It’s our role to ensure that every one of our members has the facilities, needs and support to take part in these activities safely.

Safety Review

We prioritise the well-being of our members through comprehensive safety measures. Here, we provide transparency into our safety protocols, including the Risk Register and Accident Report, highlighting our commitment to creating a secure environment for all participants. At Elstree and District Scouts, safety is woven into the fabric of our Scouting experience, and we regularly take measures to reflect our dedication to providing a secure and enjoyable environment for every participant.

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