Activities Approval Policy - Elstree and District Scouts

Activities Approval Policy

Short NameActivities Approval Policy
Long NameN/A
Responsible Person(s)James Pugh (District Commissioner)
Caron Curnow (Deputy District Commissioner- Programme)
Last UpdatedWednesday, 11 August 2021


We know that our award winning training scheme provides members with the skills and knowledge to act safely and respond to incidents if they occur. We also know that our appointments framework ensures that we are placing the right people into the the right roles, that will ensure the continued success of scouting within Elstree and District.

‘Getting Started’ training, Wood Badge training and Mandatory ongoing learning must be completed within the timeframes set in POR for the roles these training modules apply to.

This policy sets the expectations for how the district will ensure all training is completed, and address anyone who has not completed their training within the expected timescale.

This policy will also detail how we will manage the appointment of new adults into the district.

Activity Approvals

  • Group Scout Leaders are responsible for authorising all activities that take occur in the usual place of meeting (except for those detailed below, that fall under the Adventurous Activities Scheme), and ensuring the safety and compliance of these activities and the leaders running them. Group Scouts Leaders will need to see and consider every section’s programme.
  • The District Explorer Scout Leader is responsible for authorising all activities that take place in the usual place of meeting for an Explorer Scouts Unit (or any other district/group owned building) and ensuring the safety and compliance of these activities and the leaders running them.
  • Any activities outside of these, for example, those outside of the usual meeting place, or those which fall under the adventurous activities scheme must be approved by the District Commissioner, which must be done using the below form.  The Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Leader must also be made aware of the activity.
  • Activity notifications must be sent to the DC at least 7 days in advance of the activity.
  • A copy of Activity Notification Forms will automatically be sent to the DDC Programme, as well as the Group Scout Leader.
  • If, in any instance, a Group Scout Leader or the District Explorer Scout Leader is unsure whether to authorise a particular activity, they must discuss it with the District Commissioner.
  • All Form NANs for Nights Away activities must be sent completed using the Nights Away Notifications form, which can be found here
  • Approval of activities will be discussed at District Executive Committee meetings to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the process outlined above and applying consistency, also providing an opportunity for the system to be reviewed and amended as appropriate.